Projects: Mfuleni

Electrifying homes in record time


To build LV and MV networks and electrify 426 houses, and to do it within an incredibly tight time frame of just three weeks.


When Citrine went on to not only successfully electrify all houses in the project but also within record time, Eskom took notice, a start to a very successful working relationship with South Africa's main utility provider.


Projects: Delft

Electrifying the largest single integrated housing development in the Western Cape


It was our task to fully electrify the single storey units in Precincts 1, 2 and 3 of Delft 7-9.


The full internal electrification of 3900 homes in the area has been completed, brightening the lives of more than 3900 families.


Projects: Ga-Rankuwa

5000 families get hot water thanks to the sun and Citrine


To secure and safely install new solar geyser units in 5000 homes in Ga-Rankuwa as part of Eskom's IDM program.


By completing this large-scale, ambitious project on time we ensured that we not only met Eskom's deadline but also gave around 20 000 people the benefit of solar heated water. This project is proof that Citrine is capable of engaging projects of this magnitude and bigger.


Projects: Khayelitsha

Working against the clock to get power to the people of Khayelitsha


To electrify 1700 homes in Khayelitsha within 4 months.


Currently the MV/LV electrification of homes in Khayelitsha is on trackand projected to be complete within the targeted period.


  • Mandela Day 2013

    Mandela Day: 2013  BLIKKIESDORP, DELFT The community of Blikkiesdorp located in Delft is one of the most impoverished sections of the area. It was the initial temporary residential area (TRA) in the community of Delft. When you travel down Symphony...

  • Safety and Security

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